what do the letters at the end of medicare numbers mean? (PDF download)

what do the letters at the end of medicare numbers mean?
PDFPDF download:
Medicare Suffixes/medicare_suffixe.pdf
File Preview:Here\’s what the letters behind the Medicare number mean: *A = retired worker. B. = wife of retired worker. B1 = husband of retired worker. B6 = divorced wife
Meaning of the letters after a Social Security or Medicare number./Letters after Medicare Number.pdf
File Preview:What do the letters after a Social Security or Medicare number mean? Code. Identification. A. Primary claimant (wage earner). B. Aged wife, age 62 or over. B1
OASIS GUIDEBOOK For Medicare Certified – Health and Welfare/IDOASIS Rev Aug 08.pdf
File Preview:beneficiaries, the HHA must verify the patient\’s eligibility for the Medicare home health benefit …. M0830 – Emergent Care identifies a more open-ended time period of "since the last time …… What do the “M000” numbers stand for? A4. ….. Enter all letters of the first and last names, the middle initial, and the abbreviated suffix.
Part B IVR Operating Guide (877) 567-9230 – TrailblazerHealth.com/IVR Operating Guide.pdf
should be keyed to represent the alphabetic characters indicated. The IVR accepts all Medicare numbers except those ending in a double-letter suffix If a patient\’s Medicare number begins with a letter, it is a Railroad Medicare number.
Railroad Medicare Quick Reference Guide – Palmetto GBAhttp://www.palmettogba.com/Palmetto/Providers.nsf/files/Quick_Reference_Guide_for_Railroad_Medicare.pdf/$FIle/Quick_Reference_Guide_for_Railroad_Medicare.pdf
“Intelligence-free” means that the numbers do not carry information …. Social Security Administration Medicare numbers end with a letter(s). Items 2 and 5 are
Who Pays First – Medicare.gov/02179.pdf
Note: Paying “first” means paying the whole bill up to the limits of the payer\’s you call: your Medicare number (located on your red, white, and blue. Medicare card) and …. After he gets a letter from Medicare with his username and password for for Medicare due to End-Stage Renal Disease and is covered by a group
Your Guide to Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNPs) – Medicare.gov/11302.pdf
Do Medicare SNPs Cover Services that Medicare Doesn\’t Consider Medically Necessary? . .11 End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) requiring any mode of
claims, but please do not throw away your old supplier manual! ….. Medicare only because of permanent kidney failure, Medicare protection will end 12 months
Signature on File – Coursewareobjects.com/ForneyCh12.pdf
means the first. There were a (at age 62 years) do not receive Medicare but receive monthly requiring dialysis or end-stage renal disease (ESRD) The letters after the Medicare number on the patient\’s including the letter at the end.
WPS Medicare Legacy Part B Interactive Voice Response (IVR /ivr.pdf
The patient\’s Medicare number – usually nine numbers, followed by a letter (for example If the IVR says you can say “additional information,” it means there could be more data …. O Say or enter the starting date and ending date. 07/02/ 2012
CMS Manual System – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services/R29SOMA.pdf
Provider Number (also known as the OSCAR Provider Number, Medicare Also the Transplant Centers will bill on the hospital number; and therefore, the FIs do not ….. means an institution providing SNF and/or NF or ICF/MR care at the same position use the letter “E” for non-Federal emergency hospitals, or “F” for
8C QA FINAL.docx – NC Department of Health and Human Services/QAFINAL.pdf
That request should also contain the enrollment letter with enrollment date from CSC. group Medicaid provider visit http://www.nctracks.nc.gov and select the link Provider Group # — does this mean the NPI or is it another number? …… Yes, a service order can be written at any time prior to the ending of the unmanaged
Section C Medicare introduction – State of North Dakota/uploadsresources476section-c.pdf
Medicare was created as part of Lyndon B. Johnson\’s Great Society Program. They have end stage renal disease and are receiving dialysis on a regular basis or have received a kidney …. The number will be followed by a letter designation if eligibility occurs …. item or service does not mean that you should not receive it.
The Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy Program: Experience to /8094.pdf
report are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Kaiser The number of “choosers” – LIS enrollees who have chosen a different plan …. programs before the end of the calendar year, they will be re-deemed for the LIS.13 redetermination receive a letter and an “income and resources summary”
18 Supplier Remittance Notice – National Government Services/132_0311_ch18_suppliermanual.pdf
Once a claim has completed processing through the Medicare system, adjustments, is located at the end of the suppler remittance notice. claim control number (CCN) (also referred to as the internal control number [ICN]). digit ANSI Reason code is preceded by one of the following two-letter ANSI group codes:
Jurisdiction B DME MAC Supplier Manual – National Government /132_1210_JBSM_Composite.pdf
Obtaining and Retaining Medicare DMEPOS Billing Privileges …. outpatient hospital services, home health care, and a number of other Note: The letters at the end of the beneficiary\’s HIC # do not necessarily indicate the type of coverage they have. Example: 456-45-6456A does not mean the beneficiary has Part A only,
Supplier Manual – Chapter 17 System Outputs – CGS/Chpt17.pdf
When a Medicare claim requires additional information, the DME MAC will ( sometimes referred to as an “ADS” letter) requesting information for the listed at the end of the first line in the MOA field and an explanation of each 0001 – HICN SUFFIX, SEX – The suffix used for the Medicare number does not match the sex
Medicare audits/Medicare_audits.pdf
excluded from participating in the Medicare and a large number of claims does not mean that there It does not seem fair. But at the end of the day, if you\’ve been selected for an audit,it of an audit by a letter from the carrier requesting
What You Need to Know about Extra Help with Medicare /StateManual.pdf
Some Medicare beneficiaries automatically qualify and do not need to apply …. resources reported on the application and send the beneficiaries a letter It\’s also possible the amount of Extra Help could decrease or end altogether if resources, …. individual\’s Social Security number or Medicare Claim Number in this field.
2012 UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans Name Changes /Medicare_and_Retirement_Branding_FAQ.pdf
are now providing additional member communication throughout the end of the year. Does this mean the SecureHorizons and Evercare brands will be gone …. Note: The customer service number on the UnitedHealthcare/Oxford cards are changing Reports or letters that are specific to Medicare business will display the

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