on the medicare hic (PDF download)

on the medicare hic
PDFPDF download:
What Is the Medicare HIC Number?/
File Preview:Find ways to interpret the unique Medicare HIC number that appears on every Medicare Card. It is more revealing than anyone would suspect.
What is Medicare HIC Number/What_is_Medicare_HIC_Number
File Preview:It is the patient\’s id number on the Medicare card; usually it\’s the SSN with a letter or letter and number at the end. This suffix identifies the reason the patient is
Medicare Online (formerly HIC Online) – Medicare Australia/medicare-online.jsp
File Preview:Mar 19, 2010 Changes to assignment of benefit – effective from 1 July 2008. Up until 30 June 2008, providers who were using Medicare Online for Medicare
Health Insurance Claim (HIC) Number Suffixes | Cahaba /
The following is a list of different types of suffixes that may appear on a beneficiary\’s Medicare Health Insurance Claim number (HIC). Suffix Sex Exp.
HIC Prefixes and Suffixes – Noridian Administrative Services/eula.php
This article identifies the various HIC prefixes and suffixes and
Definition of Medicare HIC Number | eHow.com/info_7890627_definition-medicare-hic-number.html
Definition of Medicare HIC Number. Medicare beneficiaries receive a plastic Medicare card with a Health Insurance Claims, HIC, number. The HIC number
Railroad Medicare Quick Reference Guide – Palmetto GBAhttp://www.palmettogba.com/Palmetto/Providers.nsf/files/Quick_Reference_Guide_for_Railroad_Medicare.pdf/$FIle/Quick_Reference_Guide_for_Railroad_Medicare.pdf
NOTE: All Railroad Medicare HIC numbers begin with a letter(s) and are followed by 6 or 9 digits. Social Security Administration Medicare numbers end with a
Health Insurance Claim Number Form (HIC #) – Regence/healthInformationClaimForm.pdf
Your Medicare Health Insurance Number (HIC #) including the alpha prefix, or suffix, and the effective dates as indicated on your Medicare card. A. HIC #:
Medicare HIC Number Suffixes – Scribdhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/6437377/Medicare-HIC-Number-Suffixes
Oct 8, 2008 MEDICARE HIC NUMBER SUFFIXES Effective for cards issued in or after September 1990, HCFA is. revising the appearance and composition
The Medicare Health Insurance Claim Number – AcademyHealth/EppigF.pdf
personal identifiers used in the Medicare program, the data include individuals who are not covered by Medicare the HIC is an indirect form of identification.
What does the letter suffix on the Medicare – TrailblazerHealth.com/Agreement.aspx
Most Medicare Claim Numbers (or Health Insurance Claim (HIC) numbers) are nine-digit numbers with letter suffixes. The suffix does not affect the processing of
Beginner\’s Guide to Medicare – TrailblazerHealth.com/MedicareBasicsManual.pdf
Jan 1, 2012 The Medicare card contains the beneficiary\’s name, sex, Health Insurance Claim (HIC) number and the entitlement effective dates. Medicare
CMS-1500 Claim Form and Unprocessable – TrailblazerHealth.com/claim form instructions.pdf
All claims require the complete Health Insurance Claim (HIC) number in. CMS- 1500 c im form or in the appropriate field for electronic claims. ent\’s Medicare HIC
Roster Billing Instructions for Mass Immunizers – TrailblazerHealth.com/RosterBilling.pdf
Patient\’s Medicare HIC Number. This is the beneficiary\’s Health Insurance Claim (HIC) number found on the beneficiary\’s Medicare card. Patient\’s Name
Medicare Remittance Advice (MRA) Manual – TrailblazerHealth.com/MRA.pdf
overpayment or that explains the reason for the offset. HIC. Medicare Health Insurance Claim number of the beneficiary for whom the claim was processed. ICN
Medicare HIC Number Suffixeshttp://www.slideshare.net/karna.indian/medicare-hic-number-suffixes-presentation
Oct 29, 2008 MEDICARE HIC NUMBER SUFFIXES Effective for cards issued in or after September 1990, HCFA is revising the appearance and composition
Standard Paper Remittance (SPR) Advice Field Descriptions /eula.php
HIC. The beneficiary\’s Medicare Health Insurance Claim (HIC) number is obtained from Item 1a on the CMS-1500 claim form. ACNT. If a provider supplies the
506 MEDICARE BUY-IN/506_medicare_buy_in.htm
Medicare is a federally funded health insurance program for the elderly and certain ….. Medicare Buy-In failures may be caused by an incorrect HIC Health
Crossover Professional Claim Type 30 – Tmhp.com/MRAN Form Crossover Claim Type 30.pdf
4 Billing Provider Medicare ID: 5 Medicaid Client Number: 6 Medicare Paid Date: 7 Client Last Name: 8 Client First Name: 9 Medicare ICN: 10 Client HIC
Medicaid Beyond the Basics Participant Guide – Tmhp.com/medicaid beyond the basics participant guide.pdf
Control (HIC) Number. Enter the patient\’s Medicare HIC number (Medicare. Identification number) listed on the Medicare Remit- tance Advice/Remittance Notice.

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